The Filthy Trails is a bikepark for DH/FR/DJ/SS/XC/ENDURO mountainbikes, and is founded in November 2006. The are various trails which are built in different levels so beginners can work on their  bike skills  and  pro’s can have a good day of riding and fun.

The Snake

The “Snaketrail” is  especially for kids and other beginners. An easy trail for riders who have none or little experience riding berms, drop-offs, skinnies, table jumps, rootsections or other obstacles. The perfect trail to practice and learn the basic mtb biking techniques.

The Singletrack

This trail is made for riders who want to go fast, there are a lot of berms that can be ridden with high speed as also some little drops and double jumps. Here you can push yourself to the limit by riding the track as fast as possible. The trail is also ideal for beginners who want to practice their biking skills.

The Flight

The Filthy Flight is a trail for bikers who love to jump with their bike. There are 6 gap jumps with various gap-distances (1m 2m 3m 5m and 2 gaps of 6m). The flight trail is perfect to make big air and practice tricks. 

The Northshoreflow

This is the northshore trail for bikers who want to ride or practise northshore sections like, high bridges, berms, drop-offs, step-down jumps, skinnies, and wallrides.

The boogie

This is a fast trail with roots sections, hip jumps and fast berms.


This trail is for the rider who can not get enough from flying or from making big air and riding really fast.

The Filthy Trails Bikepark is the perfect place to ride your bike, meet new friends and learn many things. Also it is a good warm-up for all the other bikeparks in Europe. When you are visiting the Maasvallei/Filthy Trails always make sure you bring your own FOOD&DRINKS.

Filthy Trails Rules are :

1*  Always wear protection     
2*  Keep the park clean 
3*  No Walking on the trails 
4*  No stopping on obstacles 
5*  Respect the environment 
6*  Respect all rules

© Filthytrails
Bikepark in Maasmechelen - Belgium
Pictures by Pierre Hilgers from O2 bikers, Danny Jacobs and Vincent Rocher from Landscape magazine
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